Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spring Break 2017

So we had to spend the first few days of Spring Break at home due to K's work and my studies at BYU. Finally, we were free to fly on Wednesday morning. Here is a grand list of places we went and things we did over four days (slept in Colorado the first night, camped in Utah at Hovenweep the second night, and slept in Arizona the third night):

Dinosaur National Monument, hiked the Box Canyon trail, saw petroglyphs, Hovenweep National Monument, hiked the Square Towers Loop and saw plenty of ruins, Moab, Monticello (hubby interviewed for a job at Bryce Canyon National Park to be a Geology Ranger...don't these pictures just scream "geology ranger?"...but the rent there is twice as much as we pay in Yellowstone...and people keep commenting..."I didn't realize you had to pay rent in Yellowstone"...really? You think they let us live somewhere for FREE? we will not be living amongst the hoodoos in Bryce), Edge of the Cedars State Park, hiked to the Holly Group of ruins and others, Goosenecks State Park, Monument Valley (ate our obligatory Navajo Taco...not as good as Cameron Trading Post), Navajo National Monument (see all those dwellings under the big arch), 100 mile boat ride on Lake Powell for the privilege of hiking 2.5 miles to see Rainbow Bridge National Monument...and now...we can finally say...we have visited all 13 National Park Service sites in the state of Utah.

One thing I remember about Spring Break is that I was really healthy. I ate nutritious food, I exercised every day, I slept well and long enough, and I was just not so stressed out with all of my obligations. And I lost a major amount of weight in just those few days, which of course, I have quickly regained. The desert is so healing!

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  1. Wow! I can hardly keep track of all of those sites! I want to copy this roadtrip some day.