Sunday, May 7, 2017

Bought These Shirts

So I didn't really shop yesterday, rather I quickly "grabbed." I grabbed four new shirts, super cheap, like one was $5. I got a solid black tee, a solid navy polo, a pinkish/whitish/striped t-shirt, and a very light blousy...not exactly a tunic, but it has a green pattern mostly with some other colors at the bottom. I just love it because it's so light and airy and comfortable now that our temps are in the high eighties. K went through my purchases went I got home pulling each item out one by one. He hates the one that's my favorite. He can't stand patterns. Even though he said, "I won't kiss you as much when you're wearing that shirt as when you wear the other shirts," I'm wearing it to church today. Heh heh. He always threatens not to kiss me if I eat pickles too (our little joke), but I eat them and he still kisses me. He's just a "solid" type of guy. He can't sleep on a pillow unless the pillow case is solid. No patterns for him!

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