Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Voting for Mrs. Kyburz

I was gone one morning when the kids had library and the librarian had them fill out some voting slips in preparation for Election Day (she did this for all the teachers). Well, allow me to preserve these kind thoughts right here on the blog and please pardon the self-aggrandizement. Did I spell that correctly?

She is so nice and someone who is nice would be a good president.

She likes reading.

I would vote for Mrs. Kyburz because she would listen to people.

She is fun and is a good listener. She's also nice and good at teaching us.

She likes to read. She likes to play outside.

She likes the wilderness and takes care of it.

She is the nicest, awesomest, and the most book loving teacher in the USA.

She keeps us on task and makes us laugh!

She would be great in the White House.

She listens, is very strict, and lets us do fun things.

She is better than the real candidates.

She is smart, responsible, nice, and works hard.

She takes responsibility.

She would make schools better.

She is smart, kind, and helpful.

She tells awesome stories.

She cares about people and kids and would want everyone to learn and she would be committed to her job.

She is kind, loving, respectful, and also responsible, good listener, and very caring. And she also loves to travel. That is why I would vote for Mrs. Kyburz for president.

She is a good person and a good listener. She is a good traveler so Washington, D.C. would not be a problem.

She is awesome. She teaches us really good things. I have learned a lot already. She shows us how to do our homework. She is an awesome person. I think it would be cool to have her as a president.

She likes to read, she's kind, hardworking, and great. She's very prepared. I think she would be amazing.

She's traveled across America. She is nice, funny, kind, and she is honest. She will also make a good president because she is an amazing teacher and she could make people smart and she could help a lot of people.

She likes to hear reasons on why you think something (your opinion).

I think she would be a good president because she listens and waits her turn to talk.

She is always a good sport and I love her laugh because it is so cute! And she is so nice to everybody!

She would make National Reading Day.

Well, there you have it folks, my qualifications for president. Don't worry, I don't even want to be a principal, let alone president. I'm already a stake Primary president and that's more than I can actually handle at the moment.

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