Thursday, November 24, 2016

New Thanksgiving Tradition!

We cooked. We ate. I really did use the half cup measuring cup to portion my stuffing, potatoes, and Jell-o. It was good. I was so full.

We rested. And then...we cleaned up. But here's the new tradition. We DEEP-CLEANED the kitchen! You guys, it looks so good. We pulled the fridge out and wiped that down. We vacuumed behind the fridge and swept and mopped. We cleaned the oven. We sprayed the cleaner on the stainless steal fridge to shine it up. We bleached the sink. We swept the floor. We vacuumed the floor. We spot mopped the floor. And then we Swiffered the floor. We wiped down the chairs. We cleaned the garbage can. We Lysoled the counters. We washed the rug. We washed the dish cloths and towels. We. Did. It. All!

One of the perks of being married to a park ranger who works as a custodian in the off season is...he knows how to clean! And it went so fast with two of us! I LOVE this new tradition!

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