Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day and Such

I've been having a jolly good time correcting things lately. I believe this is my first experience being cited as a source in someone's bibliography. Read the long paragraph in the middle of that one slide beginning with the word "Texas" for some great voice in the writing as well as for all you need to know about famous folks from the Lone Star State--great info! The Valentine boxes were really cute, but I had never seen a hair salon before so I thought I should showcase that one. I love how the sink is the drop for the Valentines. I asked where she got the idea and she smiled and said, "Pinterest!" I think the dynamite must have come from Pinterest as well. Cute, cute room mothers brought the best party and my cute, cute kiddos all had fun. I smile and laugh every single day at my job! xxo


  1. Love that you're in a bibliography! I really miss Valentine's Day at school!

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