Tuesday, February 10, 2015


We love Amazon...we just can't afford it. Our Prime is about to run out. I did not receive one single Amazon gift card for Christmas this year, so without the gift cards, I'm not ordering books for my Kindle or anything. However...

They announced the 2015 Newbery Awards last week, so I hopped online to buy the Newbery and the two Newbery Honor books. Three books. They came in three different packages. On three different days. Via three different companies.

The first was delivered by UPS. We got a note on the door saying they delivered it to the complex office. Well, because of our work schedules, we couldn't get to the complex office for another three days. Shucks. Finally retrieved it.

The second was delivered by the USPS. Got a note in our mailbox saying it was left at the post office. Went there and waited in line no less than 42 minutes to pick up that package.

The third was found propped up next to our front door. Thank you Fed Ex. Glad no one thought to steal it before we could get home from our jobs.

I've read two of them and am half way through the third.

I would think that three books could all come on the same day in the same way, but no, that's not how business is done. I think drones would be cool delivered at my school because that's where I am during "business hours." Free shipping, but actually GETTING the books takes TIME.

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