Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Break 2014--Day 5

Friday 11 April 2014

This last day of Spring Break was spent entirely here at home. I only left the house once to workout at the fitness center. Some of the day was wasted in front of the television. I worked on laundry, dishes, and other general housework. I studied and read. I called my dad. I cooked for my husband. And I blogged.

This evening after K returned from work and we had our dinner, we went over the finances and then looked at photos. He scrolled through all of the ones I took from my camera and we scrolled through all the photos he took with his camera. I decided to post these four photos of myself from K's camera to illustrate some of the terrain over which we hiked. It's hard to post photos of myself, but it's the real me--not plastic, not edited, not photoshopped.

And this is how nerdtastic we really are--we got like all twelve of our flower identification books out to see what all those pretty flowers are named! We consulted the internet and the park's website. We are so grateful we got to run away together for three days! Our two-night "hotel" stay was $20 total! We had all this fun on two tanks of fuel! We cooked and brought all of our own food! Cheap, cheap FUN! This trip will carry us through to our next adventure. Sigh...the end.

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