Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dommie, Granny, and Grandma Good Witch

This is what happens when you suddenly realize you have NO red food coloring in your house. Like K's family, they are dressed in blues and greens until I show up wearing orange.

I've enjoyed all the Facebook posts of how people are spending their Easter. My niece in Michigan posted a picture of her two girls at my sister's home, the home of Grandma Good Witch. Yes, that's what my sister has always had her grandchildren call her, Grandma Good Witch. I don't have time here to detail everything about my sister's personality, but trust me, this fits her to a TEE. My oldest sister's grandchildren call her "Dommie." They are in Montana, but I don't know the history of that nickname for their grandmother. My second oldest sister goes by "Granny" which is sort of a southern, culturally appropriate thing to do in Texas. And then there's my third oldest sister, Grandma Good Witch.

We just grew up calling our grandparents Grandma or Grandpa followed by their surname.

Yesterday, while K was working his second job, I went to the movies. This hardly ever happens. In fact, this was my first movie in a theater in 2014 and my record for 2013 was two. I went to see BEARS with a friend and her two children. Her husband/their dad was also working. The kids are 9 and 7 and they each brought their favorite stuffed bear to the show. One was named Chubby and the other Barry (or Beary?). All of them, including the bears, were wearing orange shirts. And guess what? SO WAS I!!!

It is a wonderful thing to have children sprint for you and then deliver big hugs. It was a great afternoon!

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