Sunday, March 25, 2012

Visiting Teaching

There she is! Timpanogos in her Spring outfit.

If you don't know, the Relief Society has a program called Visiting Teaching. You can look it up on if you want to know more. My poor VT companion just had surgery, so I'm sort of doing my VT solo this month. I called one of my girls that I visit and said, "Instead of me going to your place and sitting on the couch, etc., etc., how's about we take a little spin up the canyon?" She was all for it. Sadly, I did not photograph her (sorry!).

The pics above were taken from Pine Hollow (a.k.a "the end of the road show" since the gate is closed on the Loop road).

No ice on the reservoir. People standing in waders while fishing. I don't know that I've seen it that dry up there this early in the Spring. It wasn't a very good snowshoeing season.

Dam water. I like the texture. We stopped at Swinging Bridge and looked up toward the cave exit. I'm going to miss working at that old cave this summer, but I still feel good about my choice to take a break. The bushes were leafing out already down by the river. Everyone is so happy about the mild winter and the early spring, but personally, it kind of freaks me out. What kind of drought could we be headed for? What will be the impact of Climate Change?

Anyway, Sister H. is doing pretty well under all her circumstances and we had a fine evening of Visiting Teaching! So glad she was up for it. We both decided our time in the canyon was soothing.

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