Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Belle of Golden Spike

Meet Belle. She's employed in the Maintenance Division at Golden Spike National Historic Site, although she doesn't maintain much of anything. She's a good mouser, sounds the alarm when a rattlesnake enters the building, sleeps well on the second highest shelf in the office, and does tricks for treats. You might say she owns the place and keeps all the rangers in line.

Belle likes all people--she's one of those typically friendly park rangers. She has no qualms about walking through twenty-three pairs of legs--doesn't bother her a bit. However, her favorite legs are the ones of fellow rangers--something about green pants and brown polishable footwear.

Belle is a Total Babe. Green eyes, pink tongue, brunette all the way (though dusty while working)!

Every girl has to have a little Bling! She's got those bachelor rangers wrapped around her paws.

Ranger Stevie has treats for tricks. Belle's latest accomplishment is "SIT."

Good Girl!

Belle always has her tail ready to lovingly glide along the 119. She shines things up when she can.

"Pleased to meetchya! Feel free to stoop way down for the privilege of stroking my fur. No, really, the pleasure is mine!

Welcome to My Engine House!"

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