Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Birds

On the way home from the Spike last night, my darling took me to...let me see if I can nail this...the Bear River National Wildlife Migratory Bird Refuge. Something like that. It was my first time. We outdoor parkies find thrilling things on such adventures!

Dinner Time! Everything was looking for dinner! The bugs, the fish, the birds, what have you. It was quite the frenzy.

So many fish were jumping. Big fish. We just couldn't capture them with the camera. The concentric circles will have to suffice as evidence along with our testimonies.

All kinds of refuge for all kinds of creatures. And the RACKET! Sorry I don't have a sound bite for you. The place was positively ALIVE with Spring.

We happened upon a Pelican Convention. Loved watching those guys manage their bills. Also enjoyed watching their take-offs and landings. Some of them were showing off their best flight school formations for us--total entertainment.

The sunset was fantastic. The weather was perfect. Alas, we left to hunt for our own dinner.

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