Saturday, December 3, 2011

Letters to Santa--What a Boy Wants!

Here I go again, ripping off student writing...

Dear Santa Claus:
What I would like for Christmas is a Lego set and a model car or airplane. I love building, like your elves. It would give me something to do instead of homework and other things like that. When I grow up, I will give it to my kids, so, I won't give it away.

Dear Santa:
I want a Wii for Christmas because our Wii is not working and we have games on the Wii we need to play. And we love to play the Wii. I really want to play a game I have. And I am saying please.

Dear Santa:
I am asking you to give me a little dirt bike. It will be cool and everyone has one but me. If you give me one, I'll need a helmet too. My parents want me to have one, so give me one please.

Dear Santa,
I would like a horse! Why a horse, I know you are thinking. Because horses are my passion! I've loved horses for my whole life! I love going on horseback rides, but I have to travel an hour just to get to the horse. It would be a lot easier to have one right by my house so we don't have to spend lots of money on gas. It will teach me big responsibility and that will help me with life lessons later on! So please get me a horse. PLEASE!

Dear Santa,
This year I would like a Nook tablet. This is the only thing I would like this year. I like this tablet because you can watch movies and play games, so it is something to keep me entertained. I want this, but if I don't deserve it, then I won't get it. But, it is a mutual thing, because my parents don't buy it for me, so they don't waste money. It will not cost you a penny because your elves can make it for me. You can save your energy for next Christmas. So, what do you say, are you with me? Since this is the only thing I want, I will be super good and I won't lie, steal, disobey, and fight. I will be an angel child for the year. And I can also play with my little sister for as long as she wants.

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