Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"It's right there!"

Went to Wal-mart, yes, it's true. I was looking for Dramamine for my better half. Couldn't find it. Looked and looked. Couldn't find it. Asked the pharmacist if she knew which aisle the Dramamine was on. She said, "Same aisle as the Tylenol." Oh good! Looked some more. Could NOT find it. Looked SO carefully. Nothing. Found an employee with a name badge and everything. I asked her, "Do you happen to possess the secret knowledge as to where the Dramamine might be?" She didn't hesitate, "Yeah, it's right there--bottom shelf, left-hand corner, very bottom." Oh good! I squatted down...looking, looking. No luck. She came over and repeated herself. "Bottom shelf, on the corner. Oh. We don't have any."


  1. Today, three years after this blog post had been written, I used your blog to find the Dramamine I had spent the 10 minutes looking for. Thank you and thank you google.

    1. Same here! Super helpful after I had been wandering the aisles at Target.

  2. Haha same here! In the aisle with the Tylenol on the side with the sleep aids and muscle rubs at the bottom.

  3. Another year, another nauseous soul saved a search in the Walmart aisles.