Sunday, July 3, 2011

Because of Love

On my Facebook page, there's a quote from K, "You just never get enough potato salad in the year." When he unwrapped this plate, he just looked at me with so much love and gratitude and said, "You're an Angel." Oh, he makes me chuckle right out loud as I post! I also made shrimp salad with pasta, peas, and celery. I just love the light pink shrimp with the light green celery. It makes my heart sing, truly! We both have to work the holiday, so I cooked up some food and headed north to deliver it to my darling! He put ribs in the crockpot this morning and we had a feast! God Bless America! And God bless us to live together again one day soon, like we used to, so we can go back to having dinner together every night, and seeing each other every day. If I didn't love the man so much, I wouldn't have bothered, but I had to do something to continue my show of support and all this food seemed to hit the spot.

This is Cherry Dessert from K's Aunt Chris. I've known this recipe as "Cherries in the Snow" because under the cherry pie filling, there's this divine white filling. Not the best pic, but the smile on K's face was totally worth it. And...he had seconds!

These will look cuter when cut into dainty squares. It's this peanut butter rice krispie recipe with chocolate and butterscotch on top. Well, the butterscotch is fab, so I wanted to keep that, but I exchanged the chocolate for almond bark thinking the red and blue patriotic sprinkles would show up better on white. Hm. Wonder if anyone will notice. This pan of treats got transported to Brigham City so Ranger K can share them with all his Spike Rangers tomorrow.

And because of Love, I made seven dozen cookies this afternoon to share with the Cave Rangers tomorrow. All National Parks should be open, folks, so that's a lot of rangers working the holiday. Ranger Becky has this elaborate plan, formulated last week, to have pizza delivered up the canyon at 10:30 a.m. She has arranged with the maintenance division to load that pizza into the power wagon and hike it up the trail. This is her gift to everyone because so many rangers wish they could get beyond their peanut butter sandwich. BJ is bringing soda pop since the power wagon is hauling stuff up anyway. Jay always brings a watermelon and we LOVE him for it! He truly knows how to pick 'em! So, I decided I could throw a few cookies into the mix.

We were going to take a walk, but it was still ninety-nine degrees out, so K helped me load up my car and I drove him over to the Brigham City Temple Site so he could show me the progress. My golly. They've got walls and steeples and everything! I dropped K off at Kamp Kyburz and hit the road for the ninety miles back again. Sigh. How often do you drive 180 miles (3 hours) round trip for the privilege of dining with your spouse?


  1. WHAT GREAT COOKS!!! I saw the Brigham City Temple over spring break...can't believe the progress!

  2. Yummmm! I think I might drive the distance for food like that!! ;) You two are great!!