Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bat Night

This is 314 and 330. We had a good time at Bat Night. It was a nice crowd with friends old and new. I wish K could have been there. I learned SO MUCH about bats and the importance of surveying them. Only the people who have had rabies shots got to handle the bats. One flew away before we were finished with it--quite the little escape artist. They don't have to wear gloves because they've had their rabies shots, however, they insist on wearing gloves because if a bat were to bite them, they would have to kill the bat to have it tested. Always protecting the resource!

They have teeth.

Sometimes we would coo at their cuteness and sometimes we would remark about how MAD they were!

Say "ahhhh", look at those feet, and smile pretty for the camera!

Boy parts. These are found by blowing on the fur. The CHIEF of Resource Management kept using the terms "wenis" and "hoohoo" which I thought was VERY scientific!

So if you're a bat and you get caught in one of the four nets those tricky rangers set up across the river, then you must suffer the following examinations: number, number of net, time, temperature, species, forearm measured, ears measured, age, sex, wing score, weight, photography, recording of the sounds you make, and a couple of other things like getting green permanent marker drawn on your head. It's a pretty good doctor visit all around. And then they let you go.

Slugs were present. Ryan picked one up for me. He later commented that he still had slug boogers on him.

We got a lactating female! Everyone was pretty excited about that. Again, you just blow on the fur to see the nipple which is kind of located in their armpit, but down a bit lower. As with all mammals, if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.


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