Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Freedom Trail

We took a guided tour on the Freedom Trail in the heat of the day which lasted one hour and forty-eight minutes. There were the 37 of us plus many other people. I can't imagine a worse nightmare than to lead 60-70 people through the streets of Boston while shouting over construction and traffic noises. They even take 80-110 people on a tour at one time! I liked the graveyard. Paul Revere and Samuel Adams are buried here along with 12,000 other bodies. There are only 1200 markers for that many dead.
This is the Old South Meetinghouse. We had a great time inside playing roles and arguing. All of these old New England churches have boxed seating. Families would buy a seat for a year and decorate how they wished. They would bring their own heat in the winter. I couldn't help but think this would be a great way for large LDS families to corral their children during Sacrament Meeting.

Every time I looked in the harbor, there were always countless jelly fish.

The U.S.S. Constitution. I did not get to go on the tour. About half of us missed it due to poor planning/scheduling and our leaders getting us lost around town a couple of times. "Sorry guys--this way." "Oops! It's the other way." Our leaders could not find the kiosk to purchase trolley tickets, etc. Boo. We also didn't make it to Bunker Hill/Breeds Hill. Oh well, K and I will simply have to go back and enjoy this ship tour together.

The Roseway Crew had all of us assist in hoisting the three thousand pounds worth of sails.

Our Gentleman Revolutionary. He and the Pirate were hired actors who sailed with us. They helped us act out the Boston Tea Party and they let a few different people pitch the tea overboard. Huzzah! Fie!

Sexy pirate legs boarded the boat!

Boston Blocks

Heading back to shore after our lovely evening sail and catered dinner on a schooner called Roseway. I enjoy city scapes at night.


  1. the whole pew box idea is why i always sat on the side in the chapel, on the aisle so my kids couldn't escape. now they are older, they don't want to escape. ;)