Thursday, October 28, 2010


A friend made a post about how much she loathes Halloween. Me too. However, since I don't want to be awfully negative, I'm trying to combat these feelings with POSITIVES. What do I like about Halloween?

First, I'm ever so grateful that Room Mothers walk through the classroom door with a party. They've thought of every detail. They've taken care of everything. I just trouble-shoot, sort of, trying to keep the custodians on my side. They don't understand why I'm not dressed up, but everyone still manages to have a good time. The kids are happy. Hey, I wear black. I call that "compromise."

I like pumpkins. I like carving them and putting a candle inside and turning off the lights. I like toasting the seeds. I like the color orange. I like making pumpkin curry soup. And pumpkin casserole where you stuff it with rice, veggies, and meat and then bake it in the oven, sometimes drawing a face on it with a black Sharpie marker. I like those pumpkin/cream cheese rolls. All those pumpkin desserts. And don't even get me started on the PIE (a huge one for $5.99 at Costco). Whipped cream not necessary!

Autumn weather, colorful leaves, and Harvest--all of these things denote change. They cause me to reflect, make goals, and contemplate. I don't have to wait for the New Year. I get a clean slate with every season!

The Olive Garden. K and I have a tradition of going there on Halloween. Keep this under your lid, but we have never handed out Halloween Candy. We have never attended a Trunk-or-Treat. By the time I'm finished with my fifth graders, I don't care to experience any more Halloween. I also dislike dealing with people (children and adults) who don't feel accountable for their actions because while donning a costume, they forget who they really are! We turn out the lights, lock the door, and head to Italy. One doesn't have to wait to be seated on Halloween. Or served. We're usually the only folks in the whole establishment.

Bah Humbug!


  1. i think we're kindred spirits!!! i remember going trick or treating for my last time in 6th grade. i went with friends who were intent on scoring the BEST (most?) candy ever and headed up to the "rich" section of town. I was disgusted by that and terrified when we got lost and it was WAY past my curfew. I ran home, they said they'd split the candy with me and did they? (scarred for life!)
    then i taught...and those 7th and 8th graders were in it for the candy...and i lived in the school boundaries....and they'd come doorbell ditch when it wasn't Halloween and wanted to come see me ON Halloween. So our tradition? Watch a movie in the basement with the lights off. That has continued with the kids because we go to the ward trunk or treat figuring that will do...and then see the same people who hit us up at the trunk or treat at our door on Halloween! (Yes, the greedy part really bugs!!!) So we still boycott the actual Halloween door answering.

    Maybe you should get something like this to go with your all black and then you really can say you're dressed up (if you can stand a headband)

  2. Oh, I HAVE a costume. It lives in my classroom all year 'round. I even showed it to my students. It's a headband with felt triangular ears. And there's a stuffed tail. I HAVE appeared as a cat. Sometimes with Crayola black skinny marker (washable) whiskers drawn on my face. Sometimes without. I made this costume as a missionary in Japan. I just couldn't be bothered to put it on today.