Sunday, October 10, 2010

When the Relatives Came

K's family does a great job of getting out here to see us at least once each year. They like to see how we're doing, where we're living, and if we have any new hikes to show them. We don't take them to the Symphony or Sporting Events or anything like that. We just "Get Out." We hike outside. We cook outside. We enjoy the outdoors together, as a FAMILY. I TOTALLY LUCKED OUT in the in-laws department!

Our very first wreath, ever. We must surely be an old married couple now if we're bothering with all this froo-froo.

Hiking to Horse Flat. Aunt J, Mom P, Hubby K, Dad J. We finally got them all the way to Horse Flat!

Cooking out with the fam. Roles were traditional. Men = Fire. Women = Food Prep.

Grandpa and his foil dinner. We introduced K's family to the concept of putting "different" vegetables in like sweet potatoes and zucchini. They were happily adventurous! We also taught them about Banana Boats. Success!

Grandpa and his Raspberry Cheesecake ice cream before noon! :)

Our Darling Grandpa. He's eighty-seven and still likes to take road trips, see the canyons (Nebo Loop here), and get out and walk a bit. He cracks jokes too! We took him to In-n-Out Burger for his first experience there and as we left the parking lot, he quietly asked, "So how long before it comes out?"

The copper pit is one of the man-made things that can be seen with the naked eye from space. Can you guess the other?

My skirt kept blowing up in the breeze so I borrowed my MIL's windbreaker to kind of hold things down. K kept saying I was doing my best Marilyn Monroe impersonation. Grandpa has wanted to see the copper mine for thirty years! He loved every minute of his time there.

We are very fortunate to have spent time with the relatives! Such good people, nice weather, lovely food, happy memories...these are the moments, these are the times! These are the best days of our lives.

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