Sunday, January 10, 2010

Logan Canyon

K and I had a fabulous time on Saturday. I drove up on Friday after school and K had beef brisket in the crock pot. What a guy! We drove to Logan Canyon on Saturday to do a little snowshoeing. We love getting OUT! I'm so glad I can walk and see. In the Book of Mormon, there's a scripture that talks about nature. Alma 30:44 says, "All things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it." So true. K had no idea what a photography monster I would turn into when he purchased that camera! The colors just grab me--so much to be SEEN against the white.

After a couple of hours in the elements, we headed to our first experience at Frederico's for the Lunch Special: a six inch pizza with one topping, a green salad, and a piece of garlic bread. K chose mushrooms for his topping and I decided to try spinach. What do you think of when you imagine spinach on pizza? Well, I was visualizing a handful of fresh, chopped, leafy spinach sprinkled over the pizza, possibly "sealed in" by another sprinkle of mozarella. Nope, they cut that tiny little pizza into fourths and carefully laid one baby spinach leaf on each quadrant. Leaves would have blown right off if someone had passed our table. That was my one topping--four baby spinach leaves. Hm. Oh well, we were off to the Aggie Ice Cream store.

It's K's birthday this week, so we brought the cooler! First, we ate some. I had Aggie Bull Tracks and K had Peppermint. Then we bought some. K kept some in his freezer up there and I brought some down to our freezer here. I guess we'll be celebrating all week long. Oh, and THEN we headed to Gossner's cheese factory. Just a little Provolone for K's lunches, some shelf-stable fat free milk for storage, and some shredded cheese for the upcoming Birthday Lasagna.

After driving back to Brigham, we saw Blind Side at the matinee. Great movie for both of us! We enjoyed soup and sandwiches at home for dinner. K is always a fun date! Our time together is much too short and we are praying for permanent status so we can live together again like we used to in "the good old days."

This first picture was a homework assignment. Seriously. Our school is kicking off the annual Utah Jazz Readathon and all of the teachers have to submit a photo of themselves reading in an interesting or unusual place. Not my best pose, but there you go.

We have the best times together!!!

My sweetie.

K snapped this at Spring Hollow. His new wallpaper.

Frosty the Rock.

The picture of Winter.

Scenic logs. Water is magical.

Moss green. Perfect. Love the crystals.

Snake grass? Scientific name: equestrian something or other? Can't remember, but I think it's amazing the stuff is still bright green in snow on an 18 degree January day.

This was some kind of green. Light, somewhat limey, almost eerie. Loved it.

I just thought the color of these juniper berries looked fantastic against the green!

Thistle. Purple in summer, brown in winter. Beautiful either way.

I think these are leftover rose hips. Enlighten me if you know better.

My heart thrills at the abundant red, especially near water. This is a pretty "splash" of color near the partially frozen Logan River. Ah, what a glorious day we had!

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  1. I love the picture of you reading in the snow with your snow shoes on. That is awesome!