Thursday, January 7, 2010

Battle Creek

My snowshoeing buddies today included teammates from Snow Springs, Emily and Kristen! They hiked together while I dawdled and snapped. Mostly I feel peaceful when hiking alone, but I did wonder, for just a second, if a mountain lion was spying on me, deciding I was the slow and sickly one that got separated from the herd. We saw deer and met a fit fellow named Gary who had been snowshoeing some miles on top of his seven mile run this morning. Gary keeps a motion sensor camera "up there, somewhere" and has photos of elk, coyote, cougar, and bear.

Water soothes after a long day with the children.

K and I call these "Cinnamon Rolls." We always feel lucky when we see them "in action." Four together is a whole bakery!

Hiked into the backwards sunset, if that makes sense...

I love red.

It's refreshing out there!

Winter sunsets are always great when celebrated on snowshoes!


  1. Those cinammon rolls are amazing. I don't know if I've ever seen any in real life. Love your pictures.

  2. YAHOO! That was a lot of fun! We'll need to go again! :)