Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

We stayed up to ring in the new year. We hardly get to see each other so it was just the two of us in our cozy place with a feast of "snacky" foods, as K likes to say. The stuffed mushrooms were a big hit once again and we finally busted out the elk sausage we procured in Montana.

K's new year traditions have included sleeping in, a turkey dinner, and football. J's traditions have included focusing on better eating, more exercise, and a walk outside. K totally set his alarm so we could go snowshoeing this morning and I am so grateful for his support. The hand surgeon gave me a few warnings about not over doing it (and then he asked me about my favorite trails and THEN he took me back into his office so I could see all the pics on his computer of his own recent snowshoeing adventures!), so with only one pole and my own comfortable pace, we proceeded to start the new year right (in my humble opinion). K took a nap when we got home, has had lots of football time on the sofa, and is now grilling Omaha steaks and baking orange rolls for our lovely dinner. We have a happy life! These are the moments, these are the times...these are the best days of our lives!

One more we were headed UP Battle Creek, I said to my Darling, "I can't help but think that all this heart-pumping, blood-circulating exercise must surely be helping my hand to heal more quickly." K said I sounded just like John Muir and that he thinks I'm right and that I have a great attitude about healing. Aw...someone thinks I'm in Muir's "neighborhood." :)

J in front of partially frozen waterfall--enchanting!

K is the best trekking buddy ever!

Looking down over Utah Valley.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

The babbling brook we followed was partially frozen.

Looking up Battle Creek Canyon--glorious!

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  1. Oh! This totally makes me miss our old snowshoeing treks.