Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dear President Trump

Because I teach American History to my fifth graders, we watch the presidential inaugurations. No matter who is leaving office, I get so emotional when they take off in that helicopter! After we watched it I asked my fifth graders to pen letters to the new president and here is a bit of what they said:

"Trump, Today you have been officially called as the President of the USA. Here are some important things you should do. First, you need to fix insurance. I don't know how you are going to do that, but just fix it. This is one thing you shouldn't do. DO NOT BUILD A STINKIN' WALL!"

"Dear Donald John Trump, I hope you are a good president. Do not build a wall, it's fine if people are able to sneak into the USA, just put a bunch of guards along the border."

"Dear James Trump, I hope that the military of the USA will be very strong and tough. All I've ever wanted was to have a better future."

"Dear President Trump, Some things that I would like you to do are to be kind to everyone at all times, keep a good marriage with your wife, make good laws, and play with your son."

"Dear Trump, Congratulations! I'm so happy you beat Hillary yet I think Ted would be better."

"Trump is now the president. Barack Obama is done."

"Dear President Trump, I was in fifth grade when you got elected for president, very exciting. I would have voted for you if I was old enough. When I watched the news I noticed that you don't smile that much and so I hope you learn to smile. Also, you should make groceries cheaper because I don't have a lot of things to eat at my house because food is really expensive. So that would be really great if you made food go cheaper and I hope you know that you will be a great president. Congrats by the way."

"Dear President Trump, Please don't build a wall. We're not China. I believe we should help the refugees, not lock them out. I hope you can make America better in your years in office."

"Dear President Donald John Trump, I hope that you do make America great again. I hope that you will unite the people of America and always do your best at being peaceful and friendly. Maybe you might even learn to smile again. Everyone likes presidents who smile."

"I think that Trump will be a good president. I don't really know everything about what he will do with America, but I trust him. Even if he is bad he will just be impeached."

"Dear Trump, Your responsibility is one of the highest in the nation and you should take care of our country with that. I think you will be a good president."

"Dear Trump, I'm happy that you're president and it's going to be a fun eight years. Things that need to be improved are ObamaCare and wars. Everyone counts on you for ending terrorist wars. ObamaCare was good, but you could improve it to help people and you could maybe not build the wall because it will use too much money and it will take more than an eight year span. Good luck."

"Dear President Trump, While you are president I would want you to fix Obama Care and not get rid of it so the medical prices will go down. I also want you to not build that wall. It would be great if you can help make more national parks to protect more land and animals. You could also set up a program to clean up trash in the ocean and on the beaches. I hope you will be a great president and help America a lot."

"Dear Trump, I hope you're happy. Please make it so we have no homework. I hate homework. Science has shown that homework doesn't help the human mind."

"Dear Donald J. Trump, I want you to know that I was hoping for you to win. I hope that you will make America great like Obama didn't."

"Dear President Trump, I hope that you will be a great president. I hope that you will make America great again. I hope that you will keep America safe. Also, I hope you will make the wall like you said you would. I also hope that you will be a strong and great president. I also would like it if you would make recess a little bit longer."

"Dear President Donald J. Trump, There is a situation I think you should work on. Illegal immigrants. Hundreds and thousands of illegal immigrants come to America each day. Terrorist groups can easily walk across the border. So what are you as president going to do about it?"

"Dear Trump, I hope you help Army Veterans to get home safely. Please don't build a wall around us. Most of my family lives in Mexico."

"Dear Mr. Trump, You will be a not so great president and you are SO sexist. It is terrible."

Dear DT, You are my absolute favorite and I am so glad you WON! I don't know what I would do if you lost! Something that I would really to see is a wall around AMERICA!! I think you are going to be the best President of all time! When you were in the election I would always say, 'Get off your rump and vote for Trump.' I can't wait to see what great things you do in the future and I think you're a great guy. Never give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Well, there you have it, folks. This is the fifth grade reflection of what their parents are saying at home. This is the Hope of America. I'm glad they recorded their thoughts on Inauguration Day so that in years to come they can read back over these things and compare them to how things actually turned out.

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