Friday, July 10, 2015


Friday 3 July 2015

So TR said something about a hike to Fairy Falls. You can get there via the 5 mile trail or the 7 mile trail. I told him I was "all in." As long as we took the 5 mile trail. Well. Fairy Falls is this 197 foot waterfall! But you know what? It was NOTHING (nothing) compared to IMPERIAL GEYSER!!!

Let it be known to all the world that Imperial Geyser is my brand new love in the park! So, from Fairy Falls, you cross the water and go a mere 0.7 miles further for this special treat (worth every step). First you come upon what I call "The Orange River." At that point you'll see Spray Geyser. Meh. Then you continue along the Orange River until you arrive at Imperial...and we had it ALL to ourselves!!! Words cannot describe...the photos are not just...the yellow bacterial mats alone...

I was thinking about including 8 more photos of Riverside Geyser, but you know what...they don't matter. It was a phenomenal day for me!

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