Monday, August 11, 2014

SV! Day 33

Monday 28 July 2014

TR and I hiked Mount Washburn this morning. It was another glorious outing! We hiked up the Dunraven way and TR hiked down the Chittenden way, so I picked him up once I got back to the car.

The bighorn sheep certainly can hide in the rocks! They certainly can kick rocks down as well. Many were not bothered by our presence. In fact, like gangsters, they were pretty cool with their steady gazes as we quietly passed, hoping we weren't rocking anyone's boat. We saw the fox creeping up the mountainside. So did the sheep. One stood at attention as if to say, "I SEE you! We are watching your every move!" The fox got up to the the edge of the trail and decided to head down it toward us. We stood still and it just kept coming. It didn't even look at us...just trotted by.

Later that evening we attended a ranger Dessert Night (potluck sweets). Turns out that our twenty-something Ranger Landon has a thing for his phonograph and his vinyl collection. We had some really terrific jazz to liven things up. You just never know what people are into. You never know who might haul a brass magazine rack from the seventies filled with record albums to Yellowstone National Park.

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