Monday, January 20, 2014

Lighting Things on Fire...and Breaking and Entering

TR had a birthday recently so there was a bit of wrapping and suspense. We found these candles that didn't quite match his age and since we didn't want to wait for me to turn fifty-three in order to use them, we improvised. I kept asking, "Is it time to light your cake on fire?"

TR prefers very quiet celebrations and he despises this blog, so it's difficult for me to really blab much about all of his amazing qualities...but I try. He is so good to me! I love that he loves to Swiffer! We teamed up to deep-clean the kitchen and bathroom on Saturday and I love him for it.

K has been especially tolerant of my social calendar lately. He would rather spend a quiet evening at home or go somewhere "just the two of us." However, since mid-December I've been dragging him around to meet up with family and friends, and friends he's never met but who are dear to me, and to roommate reunions and to wedding receptions of former students...and I try to make sure he still gets to watch football. No wonder when I suggest having "all the neighbors over for a dessert night" he stares at me with no words. Time to give the boy a break.

On Saturday night we attended the wedding reception of Alex and Brittany. Alex is a former fifth grader who read D-Day for fun as a ten-year-old. He friended me on Facebook a few years ago. I don't talk to him much, but he is all grown up and walking around as the incredible individual he always was--so fun to see them morph into wonderful adults! But you know, moments like that give you pause, and you start to take an accounting of your life and your life's work and you start to wonder if you're doing all the things you were meant to do. Lots of introspection going on...

Last night we were able to meet up with Jeff and Rina and finally get to know their amazing children. Loved every minute of it. We couldn't possibly catch up on everything in two hours of chit-chat but it is wonderful to simply be in the same room with great folks and enjoy their personalities. These are truly BRIGHT MOMENTS!

Yesterday afternoon I wondered aloud, "Maybe I'm going to die soon and Heavenly Father is just letting me make the rounds and see a whole bunch of people I haven't seen in such a long time before I go." It makes me that happy to spend time with old friends. Don't worry, I don't really think I'm going to die soon, but when I get really happy like's kind of like...I'm so happy I could just die! Immediately upon getting engaged to Ken I started to worry that one of us would die and that we would never really get married--so happy that I go a little crazy in my thoughts. Anyway, K has been a great sport through it all.

So we got home after visiting last night and were approached by a new neighbor who had just moved in. His name is Tyler and he was sheepish about having locked himself out. He asked if he could use our phone. I piped up, "I can break into your place no problem." I whipped out my flimsy but trusty copy machine card from the family history library and popped his lock open while K held my purse. New member of my fan club right there!

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