Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sleep Well, Cave Trail

We recently hiked the cave trail and almost had the place to ourselves...

It was our first look at the erosion from the big storm in early September. The second photo is from the quarter way gate looking down. The whole trail had gouging in the rock chutes and other evidence of the mightiness of water. Perhaps it will all smooth out over the winter? I've only been hanging around the place regularly since 2001, but it's the worst in my memory.

One of the secrets of the trail is that the rangers have a hidden thermometer behind some rocks. We were just checking to make sure it was still there. Forty degrees is pretty ideal hiking weather for me, but when the breeze was blowing on my sweaty back, I chilled quickly.

K posed near The Bicep Tree--classic. Nancy's Earthquake Monitor was not there! Do come back, Nance! Memories of Alethea kissing the autumn leaves when hiking down at the end of a shift.

When we arrived in the grotto, a couple from India asked us to take their picture. We still seem to be wearing our ranger hats no matter our location!

Thanks for the memories, Dear Cave Trail! See you in Spring.

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  1. I really liked the thermometer picture. It looks like it is all tucked in for the winter!