Friday, September 13, 2013

Spencer, We Waited For You...

Brenda and Matt got married today. She was stunning. They are so happy together. The minute I met Matt I felt like he was the match for Brenda. In fact, after our dinner together, I messaged her and said, "For what it's worth...we vote Matt."

The best part of the reception was the roommate reunion. We weren't ALL there, but there were enough of us to make it a good time. So good to see the spouses, the photos, the precious children. So good to see folks. I am one blessed person to have crossed paths with so many incredible people on the earth. I'm so glad for all these friendships and relationships. It's the stuff life is made of.

The bride ditched her shoes pretty much from the get-go. Some of the rest of us followed suit as the evening wore on. I could have talked all night.

A student from last year passed by me this afternoon while I was on bus duty, "Is Ken home from Yellowstone yet?" I answered that he will be soon. Very soon. I was startled that this student was thinking of me and the fact that my husband has been working away. They think of me more than I would have guessed. And I think of them more than they know.

I think of you more than you know.

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