Saturday, January 14, 2012

Iowa Holiday

These were not your brassy park geese running up to say, "Mister, can you spare a dime?" These were wild geese on a mission. They didn't let us get close at all. K asks, "Why do you take so many pictures of geese?" I reply, "I don't know. Because I can?"

They don't make V's just when they fly...

There were literally thousands of geese. Probably tickled to find a nice lake on their journey south with temperatures in the high forties and lots of sun.

A bunch of geese reflecting on life, love, and the universe.

I always admire the one-leg stance.


"Psst! Get up! Someone's coming!"

"What should we do? What should we do?"

"I know! Let's show them just how outnumbered they are. We are many and they are few."

"Let's line up like soldiers and puff out our chests and show them we mean business!" THE END.

K and J at Copper Creek Lake followed by FIL and K. I continue to post less than stellar pictures of ourselves, but hey, we are real people doing real things and we are not perfect.

There was an insane amount of presents. All of the ones from Santa have special wrapping paper with Christmas stickers!

MIL tried something new--chocolate sugar cookies. They were good, but I think the vote indicated that we'll just stick with the white sugar cookies. I failed to grab a picture of my amazing MIL. Well, I got one of her holding a baby, but it was blurry.

The Capitol Dome--easy to spot!

Can you tell how SUNNY it was at Gray's Lake?

Grandpa's Tree. He's a clever one!

How are you supposed to win at Phase 10 when someone gets a hand like this? Oh, how he chortled. Oh, how he chuckled.

K's cousins (who are sisters to each other--and K feels as if they are his sisters) had babies in 2011 only eighteen days apart. This was our first time meeting the little ladies. There's magic in a sleeping baby (Miss M and Miss B respectively).

Miss M and her parents. I failed to capture such a photo of Miss B and her parents (sorry).

Side by side, cousins forever!

I'll close with a couple more shots of Miss M and Miss B!

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