Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We have this incredible friend, Suzette. We hardly see her anymore because she lives in a neighboring state, but sometimes we meet up for dinner when someone is passing through the town of the other. She was THE speaker at a special meeting at a certain university today and I know it was amazing. I've learned a lot from her.

I started keeping a reading log because of Suzette. The thought had never entered my head prior to living with her. She's taught me about how to better study the scriptures. She's taught me to love and appreciate music more than I did before. She's inspired me to exercise (she's done the marathon thing). One time we went on a really long ride together--like four straight hours of washboard gravel--and then we hit pavement in another state, eventually finding our way home by nightfall. I like the way she asks questions. I like how she plans trips and activities, and plans out her goals. I love her laugh!

One time, her college students visited my fifth grade students for Author's Chair. We had potluck chips, Oreos, and things of that sort--her class and mine. Another time, she visited my class because we had just read THE SECRET GARDEN and she was playing a role in that show at a local theater. She sang one of her solos for my students and when she hit the long, high, loud note at the end, she sort of waved her arms at my students indicating that this would be the time to applaud. Fifth graders don't know these things intuitively. One time she invited me to her class and I influenced many, I'm sure. Actually, I influenced no one because Sam Beeson was also visiting and I know everyone favored him. I loved how Suzette would grade five term papers, then go for a walk, grade five more papers, then play the piano, grade five more papers, then eat a snack, grade five more papers...if only I could garner a fraction of that self-discipline.

We've snowshoed together. We've hiked together. However, she refused to winter camp! I watched her volunteer with special needs people for three years. Those kids loved dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller with her! She took me to a Jazz game once. She's helped me a couple of times with surgeries including stopping at the pharmacy for my meds, getting me a pumpkin or egg nog shake, and putting Lord of the Rings in the DVD player so I could have all my needs met. I'm glad she's shared her family with us--great people. She makes a tasty batch of granola. Suzette is not fond of dogs. She loves Ann of Green Gables so much--you have no idea. ;) She likes her sleep. We know how to get our hands on a key to her house if she's not there. I'll never forget a Gospel Doctrine lesson she taught about how to study the scriptures. She had this tool box and pulled things out of it--a highlighter, sticky notes, a dictionary, etc. The girl has climbed on glaciers in Alaska and ridden camels in Africa.

She sang at our wedding. She danced at our wedding.

I know she rocked the house while speaking today. Oh how we love you, Suzette!

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  1. What kind words, Jody. I'm really humbled. Suz