Sunday, November 27, 2011


Where did November go? I haven't posted since Toroweap. Well, I've been busy. Out of the blue on Sunday 30 October, a member of the bishopric wanted to have a little chat with me. Didn't see that coming, at all. I got released from serving as the Gospel Doctrine teacher for twenty-six months (glorious months) and called to serve as the second counselor in the Relief Society presidency. I cried. Only a little. I questioned God. I often don't feel like the "Relief Society type." Hah! Doesn't matter what you feel. It's what you get that's good for ya! So, my month has been busy with lots of training and handbooks and meetings (and meetings). I've been feeling my way along in the darkness. I can say that there are some pretty incredible women running the show on the ward and stake levels. Bless them. Ordinary women doing extraordinary things.

Happy Anniversary to us! Seven years! My dreams are coming true! K and I had a calm celebration this time around. We went out to dinner the day before. On the day of, I drove to BC from PG to cook pork chops and we had a quiet little dinner together. Just being in the same room is a celebration in and of itself. I love him so!

I hosted book club at our home, helped my fifth graders publish a class cookbook, cared for the poor and needy, and began Christmas preparations. We cooked a whole entire Thanksgiving Feast with all the trimmings and had one distinguished guest for an hour or so.

Racing back and forth on I-15, maintaining our vehicles, paying the bills, watching a little football, doing our jobs, cleaning the bathroom, cooking/shopping for faculty luncheons, attending stake conference,setting up an assembly about railroad safety, reading THE WITCHES by Roald Dahl aloud, and keeping thirty-four children watered and de-watered five days a week...I guess that's where November went.

And tomorrow I am being EVALUATED by my principal! I am going to teach my students how to determine prime and composite numbers. Wish me luck. Perhaps I'll get back to blogging after that.


  1. And weren't you RS President when you started at Alpine? You'll be great! Are you education or homemaking counselor? So glad I'm in an old people branch. The sisters want presidencies where they are 100% available to work! If you pretend to play the piano, you always have a cushy job!

  2. Ann, NOT the education counselor. I'm the OTHER counselor. Which is why I questioned God. I've been the president, the first counselor, the secretary, the VT coordinator, but never THIS!

  3. Hopefully the principal evaluation went well today. I always dreaded those--figured Murphy's law would reign and the principal would be evaluating me on everything I _didn't_ want them to see!

    You are a busy woman! And congrats on 7 years! :)