Monday, February 21, 2011

Powdered Sugar

We spent some time today in Green Canyon (Logan). I must have heard K use the expression "powdered sugar" forty times! He would rather have been hitting the slopes, but we settled on snowshoeing for our wholesome family recreation. We love to spend time together walking/hiking/snowshoeing. For both of us, nature truly nurtures and we feel physically and mentally refreshed.

Other things we did this weekend: ate out at Winger's (best chicken tortilla soup), attended Church in Brigham City, drove around the Brigham City temple construction site, enjoyed ham and potatoes from the crockpot (K's new recipe), talked to K's dad, patronized a sports grill called Aggy's (great Thai pork salad), ate Aggie ice cream, visited K's cousin, stopped by the cheese factory, shoveled snow, recycled cardboard, and MORE!

One of the many nice things K said to me today was, "Thanks for getting me out snowshoeing, Sweetie." The thanks is truly mine.

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