Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kindness and Throwing Up

There will be no pictures with this post! And though the title doesn't sound all that pleasant, don't worry, the details won't be as awful as you may be imagining.

I got sick yesterday. I never get that kind of sick. At the most, I only get that kind of sick perhaps once a decade, if that. But it happened. Yesterday. We're guessing it was food poisoning, but the cause doesn't matter much. I'm just thankful that it happened over the weekend because I wouldn't have been able to function in the classroom had it happened during school hours.

I felt really tired, so I told K I was going to take a nap. This is a crying shame on a Saturday because it is our only day off together and we try not to waste those precious minutes on stuff that we could do while apart. I hated to lie down and miss my Special K time, but I had to. I didn't feel well. He tucked me in and shut the door. He woke me up at our agreed time a couple of hours later so that I could get ready for the Relief Society General Broadcast. Well, I never made it to that.

I went to the bathroom and cradled the garbage can in my arms. I counted my blessings while waiting for that special relief to occur. I noted that we had a trash liner in the garbage can with an additional plastic bag from Target inside of that. Perfect. And who placed that new, empty Target bag there earlier in the day? Yes, my K did that. Because when he's home, he's always looking for things to do to make my life easier and I have never, I repeat, NEVER, had to ask him to take the garbage out.

The grand moment finally arrived and K could hear the proceedings from the other room. After an appropriate amount of time, this man who really can't stand illness, medical situations, or anything of the sort, bravely called out to me, "Do you need me to do anything?" So sweet. I tied up the bags, brushed my teeth, drank water, chewed gum, and went back to bed. K laid next to me, stroking my hair and cooing, "Poor thing."

What did he do while I was sleeping earlier? He went to the store and got the things on my list. He ripped out the tomato plant which had seen it's glory days. He swept the porch afterward. He emptied the recycling. He put the clothes in the dryer. He did the dishes. He took care of the finances. He prayed with me, beside me, and for me before he took off for work. I woke up in time to drag myself to the couch in order to watch the re-broadcast on television. I had to smile when I turned the t.v. on. K had already clicked the remote to channel 11, a channel we rarely use, so that I wouldn't have to bother clicking around to find my show. Such a small thing. Such a great thing. Such a great man, doing his best to comfort me. Oh, how I love him.


  1. K is awesome! Are you feeling better? Do you need anything? Let me know.

    Thanks for your comment on the community blog.

  2. I'm all better now except for the muscle pains and strains from doing an activity no more often than once per decade--hurts to laugh.

  3. Now I understand the fb post! :) My favorite was the last, turing the TV to the right channel- only someone who REALLY pays attention to detail would have thought of that! You two are cute.