Sunday, September 19, 2010

Autumn Gifts

On Friday, K and I camped at Granite Flat Campground in American Fork Canyon. It was perfect. The weather was warm and clear. Everything was peaceful. We ate and talked and kissed at our picnic table. The next day we hiked. We returned to the place we got engaged. We get back there at least once a year, sometimes more. The fall colors were amazing! We couldn't have asked for a better scene. And so, these are the gifts! It is a gift to have eyes to see the beauty of the Earth. It is a gift to tread upon the rocks and soil. It is a gift to be with each other, eternal companions. Everything is a gift and I hope we're counting our blessings frequently enough. I hope the pictures illustrate some of what I am unable to write.


  1. Thanks! I'm not a real photographer, but I like playing around with the digital. They say Autumn is a "Second Spring" because of the color. All these things Heavenly Father created for ME!