Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brandon Mull

I gave a cave tour to Brandon Mull and his family the other day. Someone at the VC (Visitor Center) called up to the cave on the radio to announce his presence. Some of the rangers were discussing who would get to take him through, but in the end, it was me. He is the author of Fablehaven, but I must confess, I've only read book one of the series. My students are wild about him! I didn't mention anything to him or his group about his fame, but at a certain point in the cave (I was doing my "Was it worth it?" theme), I asked if anyone in our group had set a goal AND achieved it. Couldn't have planned it better. Brandon piped up and announced that he has published a book. That's when I announced him to the group. A fifth grade girl from Texas practically swooned. He was so gracious at the exit, signing autographs and posing for pictures. When I came out of the cave, three rangers were hiking UP the exit trail together and I had a horrible feeling that something went really wrong while I was in the cave. Another accident? A warning? What's happening? BJ whispered to me, "We are stalking Brandon Mull."


  1. He's coming to speak at our literary conference in the fall. I probably already mentioned that on facebook.