Monday, December 21, 2009

First Post

New to are a few pics from 2009.

SUCCESS! The finished product!

Concentrating. Decorating.

Rollin' out the dough...

Albacore+Laughing Cow+pomegranate+spinach+4 grams of fiber per slice whole wheat=Yummy+Healthy+Gourmet=Picture-worthy!

These cows on Grandpa's farm in Iowa followed us along the fence line all the way down the road. When we turned to walk the opposite direction, I called out, "Okay, Ladies, now we're going to turn around and walk the other way--follow me!" They obliged.

This is the final board of J's first time winning Scrabble ever.

A perfect peanut butter pie!

This is a butte near Fairfield, Montana.

K's buddy, Smokey.

Big Hole, Montana in October.

J and K at Third Dam, Spring Hollow, Logan Canyon, Utah (October).

Columbine--Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah, July.

K resting after lengthy battle with Thorny New Mexican Locust (North Rim, Grand Canyon, Arizona, August).

J and K in Washington, D.C. (April).

K's amazing eye for a pretty picture.

J toying with her own photography skills (Salt Lake Temple, March).


  1. Jo, the headline photo of you and Ken is beautiful! You guys look awesome in it. And I loved all of the pictures you posted - they really gave me a sense of how you guys spend some of your time. I loved the butte, the D.C. pictures, and the Salt Lake Temple photo - all very nice. Keep them coming!

  2. Thanks! It's a start. I've got K really frightened about what all I may reveal here...both in pictures and words!