Saturday, June 4, 2016

Korea Seoul South Mission

My nephew just received his mission call today to voluntarily serve a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Oh, the JOY and ReJOIcing!

Korea was not even on my radar for him (I'm one of his "bossy pants aunts"), but I have a testimony that it's the right place for him to go (otherwise it would have been my mission right next door--Japan Fukuoka--just kidding, for those of you not familiar with the LDS Church...that was humor).

I am the very first person in the history of my family to have served an LDS mission and he is the second (his mother and I are teenage converts). They Facetimed me prior to opening the call and included me in their family prayer. Their cat, Storm, was also present ("Oh, are we having some sort of family gathering here? I believe I'll join you on the sofa," said Storm.). I am just so thrilled and excited for him! He will do great. He just graduated last week from high school!

He has studied Japanese, Spanish, and Arabic. And now he gets to study Korean!

I hope TR and I can serve together one day. It is just so, SO exciting! Missionary work is the funnest thing ever!

I read this post again this morning and decided to mention that none of this is about me, although it may sound that way. I am just so HAPPY about his mission call I can't stay quiet about it. Missions are the best!

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