Friday, February 12, 2016

The Importance of Reading Aloud

So a red-tailed hawk visited our class today. I didn't know it would happen until it did, but I'm sure glad it did! Those little pip-squeak fifth graders grow up to be bold, adventurous, confident eighth graders who decide to become things apprentice falconer! You have to be trained, pass the 175 question test, then trap your own hawk (after building a mew in your back yard) and keep learning from there. Oh, and pass inspections when the DWR shows up.

This girl has never done a group presentation with her bird and yet, she was flawless. The kids were "rapt" (ha, Ha, HA! get it...raptor?) with attention. Bird perched on one arm, white board marker in the other drawing the trap with she's been doin' it her whole life.

Did I mention she plays soccer? And violin?

Her buddy was in my class...another incredible human!

One of my students asked her how she got interested in falconry and she replied that while in fourth grade her teacher (pictured above) read aloud MY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN. She's been thinkin' about it ever since.

There you go.

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