Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spoiled and Blessed

I am so blessed to teach elementary school. I love my students and am continually blown away by what the parents do for teacher appreciation week. I loved my cute door once again this year. For me, decorating a teacher's door would be a nightmare, but every year, the amazing parents come up with something spiffy!

FYI: prior to moving into our new place, I was carrying 17 keys! Now I only carry 11!

I had to say goodbye to my fitness center. My new one is climbing to the top floor of the buildings in our complex and otherwise walking around the neighborhood (sometimes with no sidewalks). Haven't landed in the irrigation ditch yet...

Someone gave me a candy bar poster when my car was hit twelve years ago tomorrow. I remember because it started out saying, "Heard you had a little CRUNCH." This one just brought a couple of tears to my second ever candy bar poster. My students gave me several other really sincere thank you notes and it lets me know I might be doing something in the right direction. The Mister really enjoyed adding some stash to his treat cupboard from that poster, though he's not fond of Sour Patch Kids!

I guess my room mother told everyone to bring flowers on Friday and I guess I must have written on a paper last fall that I like the color orange. I had no less than four vases of flowers to take home! These tulips were just so pretty.

And although we're not completely unpacked (almost), we are settled enough that we're chopping vegetables and so forth. The Mister's new Treat Cupboard is even more out of reach than his last one. I know because even if I do use the tongs, I can't reach anything. His stash is safer than ever. I would have to be fairly desperate to drag a chair over. It does make me laugh though because not pictured are the candy bars from the poster. What is pictured is hard candy, Girl Scout cookies, caramel popcorn, chocolate covered "wax" donuts, those fruit pies from the cheap bread store, a large bag of peanut M&M's from Costco, and another bag of Easter chocolate courtesy of Hershey. It's almost as if the Easter Bunny started rounds early!


  1. I love your splashes of orange and your lovely rug! Did you have to leave behind your swimming pool too? :(

  2. Your door is adorable!!! I miss the "door competitions" at Alpine!

  3. I love the rug too, and the pillows! Where did you get them?

  4. Tuesday Morning (name of store).