Monday, January 31, 2011

My K (and His J)

Ah, K. The guy who makes the bed and does the dishes on his day off so I can return to a tidy home. The guy who brings 94% fat free popcorn to me in my classroom. The guy who helps me with my lesson plans (hole punching, copying, cutting). The guy who takes me out to eat at Paradise Bakery for that fabulous tomato soup. The guy who listens to me spill out my whole entire day, keeping eye contact, laughing along, and prompting, "What else?" THE guy. MY guy. Yep, THAT guy. Love him.

So this is K's J, aka "Silly Girl." K couldn't believe he married a girl who actually owned pioneer dress up clothes. J is doing a short-lived impersonation of Laura Ingalls Wilder. The rewarding satisfaction for all of this effort came throughout the day each time a staff member would guess, "Are you Laura Ingalls?" "YES!"

1 comment:

  1. Cute... that cookie/cake that K is biting into looks REALLY yummy!!