Sunday, February 14, 2010

MY Valentine

K is the best husband for me. He really hates it when I brag about this stuff, but I GOTSTA say, he's pretty incredible. I have been EXHAUSTED for the last three weeks due to many obligations, personal and professional. My ever supportive husband pitches in where needed, even when he's not feeling his best either. True love is doing the laundry so you can spend more time together when the spouse gets home from work. Not only is K an excellent "laundress", he even READS THE TAGS on my sweaters to check if something should be dried flat or hand washed. K does dishes and I thank his mother for teaching him this. He takes out garbage, he makes the bed, he cleans the bathroom, and he cooks dinner. I really don't deserve him. I do all of the above listed things as well and sometimes we do them together which is more fun. The bottom line is, K surveys the situation and takes action in my behalf, selflessly, desiring to please (me) and ease (my stress). I could go on and on, but I'm already in trouble with the bit I mentioned if K gets around to reading this. I adore this amazing man!

K purchased a plane ticket for me this weekend. We are going to Washington, D.C. together again! This is unbelievable since we were just there in April. K has training (thank you Department of the Interior) and so I am tagging along for four days before his conference begins. K does whatever he can to increase our time together while we have this crazy live-apart situation. We are so excited to do some more exploring. We are such parkies you know. We love learning about the land and our country's history. So glad I married my own personal travel agent. I am more smitten with him than ever!

And just so I don't forget, I want to record this little tidbit. If you know K even a little, you'll understand better. I am older than K and I have some silver/white/gray hair showing up at my temples. K was touching and mentioning it the other day and I scowled because I prefer he not focus on the "negative." He was shocked that I interpreted it as a negative thing. He said, "I love those hairs! They look like frosting!"

I love you, K! Thanks for being my Valentine!

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